Authenticity Verification

Old security code query

1. Enter the barcode number 12 digits. Such as 123456789101

画板 1.png

2. Scraper painting to get a 16-digit password and fill in a check code such as 1234567890123456

画板 1 副本.png

3. Input the numbers on the above text box to check if it is authentic.

PS: Each security code can only be checked once.

The new security code

please use the mobile phone more quickly query

1. Scan the qr code with the function of mobile phone's scan and fill in the security code string automatically.画板 1 副本 2.png

2. Scraper painting to get the 4-digit password,please enter the check code 

3. Input the numbers on the above text box to check if it is authentic. 


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